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Jerusalema-Inklu-Dance – Submit by 25th April 2021

Great that you are here! Having fun together and spreading the word!

In times of Corona, fun for everyone falls by the wayside. People with disabilities and their families, are sometimes even more isolated than usual. The world needs a happy, colourful and inclusive version now! Let's get the Jerusalema-Inklu-Dance going!
We will release the video with clips from your submissions on 5 May 2021, the European Day for Equality for People with Disabilities.

Here is a video for inspiration and better understanding:

This is the original song video (mostly without the respective dance :-)

This challenge is NOT about the perfect dance!

Rather, we want to enrich the Jerusalema community with a colourful inclusion variation :-)! Just do what works and is possible for you!
Participation is very easy! Please read through briefly:

1. make a short dance video

  • Max. 1:30 min./max. 100MB
  • Video format: mp4, avi, mov
  • Quality preferably HD and 1920px * 1080px (this is standard for many smartphones. Please check)
  • When filming with a mobile phone, please film in landscape format and hold the phone steady :-))
  • alone, with family or friends, indoors or outdoors, in the lift, in the park, in the car, with changing costumes - it doesn't matter, but like to be as colourful and cheerful as possible. We will include short parts of the video in the overall video. Therefore, in case of doubt, even a short sequence of 16 or 24 bars is enough. If it gets difficult, a smile or a look is enough. It's about inclusion and whoever wants to be there will be there!
  • The sound doesn't have to be good. In the end we put the original Jerusalema song over the whole video and use only the video images from you, no sound. So it doesn't matter what you hear on your video. You are welcome to laugh and talk nonsense ;-)
  • At the end, it is nice if you film a short sequence with a wave at the end. This can be a separate video, you can upload several. 

2. open our video upload form. Enter a few details there: 1. name and 2. email address. We ask this to avoid anonymous and dubious submissions.

3. voluntary! You would like to see your name in the credits? Then please enter "Yes" in field 3 of the form. A new field will appear in which you can enter your name(s). It can be the whole name or just your first names with city and country - whatever you like (example: Peter, Mary & Eva, Frankfurt/Germany or just Hesse/Germany). If you would like to participate without a name, then simply select "No" in field 3.

4. upload & data protection: With your submission you confirm that your video part may be published as part of the overall video.
click here to upload your video: Video-Upload

You can: 
- dance the Jerusalema,
- just move slightly to the beat 
- make a funny grimace or move your eyes back and forth,
- just send a short video of yourself standing, sitting or lying down
- Wiggle, bob or wave your head, foot or hand.
- Others can also move or carry you to the beat.
- Use yourself and your wheelchair or other aids as dance equipment.
- You can also dress up
- You can also position yourself in front of or in lifts, a park, a tree, a beautiful building, sitting at a desk or standing on a staircase, walking over a bridge or or or!
- You are the creative ones, you know what is possible for you and the whole thing should be (obviously) fun!
- Click here for the Video-Upload

Get inspired, motivated and have fun by simply clicking the various videos on YouTube on the subject…. here’s a direct link to videos on YouTube: → here direct link to videos on Youtube

There is also different videos which teach you how to actually do the dance. You should however allow around 30 minutes for the instruction :-) It really is a lot of fun, especially if you are not too serious about it ;-) Please search Youtube to find the tutorial that suits you best. Here is one: CLICK

If you have any questions, please email us at info(at)

We are looking forward to this project with you and to your submissions. The deadline is 15th April 2021 and you can see the results on this page from 05th May 2021. Until then, have a good time and stay healthy!